There are places in the American Desert Southwest where, I swear, at 3am on a hot summer night, you can pull off the interstate, step out next to a Joshua Tree, and hear this music seeping up through the sand. I know. I've heard it making heat waves in the moonlight, gently rustling shed snake skins and drifting through the sun bleached skulls of wayward cattle. A thousand years of arrows, bullets, blood, and sorrow; countless unclaimed buried treasures, and the undiscovered bones of lustmord lay buried out there. You can't tell me it doesn't have a sound. The Fury... Heat! nailed it. - Ginnie Moon (Lunar Hypnosis)

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Like most of their song titles, "I Call from Anger" is a mystery all its own-a strange turn-of-phrase for a three minute guitar-driven track. Its riddle is seductive, even if potentially volatile. When you suddenly understand "I Call from Anger" to be a grand indictment that is both devastating and just, your adrenaline will acknowledge and confess all. And when you discover whose particular point of view it is, well, it's just fucking bone chilling.
- Greg Matherly, Arc Magazine

The night starts off sitting at home bored as hell. There's nothing to do so in desperation I got on the Internet to try and find some hope. There was a flyer saying Fury Heat at Ireson's Pub basically the flyer said come to the show or sit on your ass all night doing nothing and if that is what you want to do then screw you. So I went to the show where my ears got pulverized by the ambiguous and very loud rants of Moose's stream of consciousness Rockabilly music. Ireson's Pub is located in Bristol, TN on 7th street and is a very friendly and warm place to be but they only serve beer, and with music that can bring a tear to a man's eye like the Fury Heat, it would be nice to sip on some liquor while enjoying the show. - Sean Gibney AC Associated Content

High Octane Rock and Roll forged in the backwoods of Tennessee. The Fury...Heat has raised a bastard child genetically styled with a mouthful of attitude. Steeped in tradition yet snarling at convention, The Fury…Heat swerve all over the road of rock and roll leaving a road kill trail of punk, blues, and rockabilly in its wake. Lo Fi and dirty, the songs scratch their way out of the heart, tear through the current, and howl with the anger and desire of a three legged hound dog at a greyhound race. In an age where the plastic bumpers and wal mart spinners are as abundant as the plastic music it embraces, it revives my soul and sears my blood to see the prime metal grill of The Fury…Heat tearing ass across the musical highway. Like an unleaded ghost it spreads all of those plastic shards across the asphalt, and without remorse disappears into it’s own blue beat. If the smell of a Plymouth Fury’s exhaust is your breath of fresh air, and the beat of bygone rock and roll mimics your heartbeat, then friends, jump in your piece of crap car, travel down your nearest deserted road, rev your engine five times and buckle up as this rock and roll ghost comes to deliver your ass salvation. ~Argyle Goolsby

The Fury...Heat is an ambitious two man rock n roll machine driven by a devil may care attitude and sheer honesty rather than the shrieking pump and grind usually associated with hardcore bands but lacking none of the honesty of pure hard rock. From layed back originals like "Shakey Ground' to a plodding but brilliant cover of the instro classic "Apache", the sound is reverb drenched without being covered, dark but not blackened. The Fury...Heat has one foot in rock n rolls glorious past as it charges into the future like its rumbling namesake, the Plymouth Fury. Feel the Heat. - Rockabilly Tim Booher

It's rare to hear so much raw truth in a band. This music dares you to defy it's right to exist. In fact, you may walk away swearing this music has been around since the first time someone gripped his sweaty palm around a steering wheel in anger. This is pure, primal rock n' roll with country/western sensibilities and a generous layer of road dust. From the who needs distortion when you have over-drive guitar riffs; the precise, don't fix what ain't broken drumming; to the growling, Marlboro-soaked vocals. It's an anxious, desperate, dirty, 4 shots in, goin' 60 in a 45, glimmer of hope. If the world ended on a July day in the driver's seat of a '58 Plymouth on a small town road, this band would be providing the soundtrack. - Gordon Von Ghoul

The depth of the soul houses some of the most painful, dark and hopeless emotions known only to those who feel it. Everything is black. Everything is nothing. Everything is empty like a tomb that has been robbed. Strange days are at hand when someone can convey those feelings to others. Music is the perfect breeding ground of that rare occurrence. Imagine driving for hours but getting nowhere...just passing the same places over and over again. Imagine burying true love just to cleanse your soul. Imagine chasing something you can never have. Imagine Rock and Roll gone horribly wrong. Imagine The Fury...Heat!
- Nathan Hypodermix

Next weekend, it was to Mountain Lake, VA, for the “White Trash Luau.” This camp-out extravaganza took place just a half-mile from where “Dirty Dancing” was filmed. As I drove past the cabin where Patrick Swayze did the Devil’s bidding, one half of the Righteous Brothers sang about having the time of his life in my head.
One of the bands I peeped out was The Fury....Heat, a duo hailing from Bristol, TN. With just a guitar and drums, the pair managed to pull off its sound quite well. The guitar was thick and drenched with reverb a la Pulp Fiction/Dick Dale but, tuned down two whole steps to C, there was no comparison to White Stripes or any other two-piece band out there today. The group will be making a trip to WV in the near future so, if you get a chance, check them out. - ROADBLOCK (Graffiti Online)

If you missed last nights Fury...Heat show then man did you miss something special. One of the best rock shows I've seen this year and maybe ever. They were so on. It has inspired me once again and I thank you.Now thats how rock'n'roll was meant to be. Any one who doesn't remember rock'n'roll should've been there for a lesson in stripped down furious energy.Shame on u if u werent there.Boys youve done me proud...and Lil' Richard too.
Jef Revell