June 3rd, 2007

Sir Reel Films is proud to announce the production of their next film, Nothing's at Stake. A horror-comedy based on the short film, Nothing's at Stake will be the very first feature film from Sir Reel Films. With the success of The Wraith: Eyes of Judgment, Sir Reel Films took some time off to plan their next project and bask in their triumph.

Nothing's at Stake tells the story of Fred Castle, an ordinary man who just happens to protect his small town by fighting monsters. However, it seems he sleeps beside a bigger monster than those that he fights. Life isn't easy for Fred, so when there's nothing to lose... Nothing's at Stake.

For a complete roster of those attached to the film, stop by http://www.sirreelfilms.net and check out the section for Nothing's at Stake. The director, Stephen J. Semones, will be doing an online production blog as filming gets underway to keep everyone up to date on the progress of the film. Sir Reel Films plans to release the film sometime around Halloween of 2008, so the next sixteen months will prove to be an exciting time for those involved with the film.

The Fury...Heat! will be providing all of the music for the film. Mixing previously recorded tracks and all new material soley for the film, The Fury...Heat! will be working closely with Sir Reel Films to ensure that this film has the absolute best soundtrack possible. Speaking of soundtracks, The Fury...Heat! has agreed to let Sir Reel Films produce a soundtrack that will be available for purchase when the film is released on DVD. The Fury...Heat! is an ecclectic sound unlike anything you've ever heard before and will certainly rock you to the core with their extremely powerful music. Mixing rockabilly-psychobilly-punk-funk-blues-country-and rock 'n roll, this band is the perfect outlet for the audio experience that will accompany Nothing's at Stake. For more information on The Fury...Heat! please visit...

In regards to this press release, Sir Reel Films has released not one, but TWO teaser posters to accompany the film. You can purchase these posters, along with a few other Nothing's at Stake items here: http://www.zazzle.com/sirreelmerchandise
Here are the two posters:


For further information on Nothing's at Stake, stay tuned to http://www.sirreelfilms.net or http://www.myspace.com/nothingsatstake

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